Discover the Magic of Ornamental Tattoos

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Ornamental tattoos are one of the oldest and most popular tattoo styles in the world and they are gaining popularity as more and more people are getting them. They feature intricate designs and patterns, often with a feminine flair. These designs can be anything from flowers and vines to Celtic knots and tribal patterns.

They can be elegant and understated or bold and beautiful. While many people choose ornamental tattoos for their beauty and aesthetic appeal, they can also carry symbolic meaning. And they can be used to add interest and beauty to any part of the body. If you’re thinking about getting an ornamental tattoo, check out this page and the amazing designs, ideas, and photos on it!

Ornamental Tattoo Style Features

The word “ornament” itself comes from the Latin ornemantum – decoration. It is a pattern based on repeating elements. Ornamental is a Polynesian style that has survived several generations but has survived almost unchanged until today. The ornamental tattoo style is characterized by its intricate designs and patterns, often with a feminine or delicate feel.

  • The peculiarity of the Ornamental style is clear lines.
  • The printed pattern resembles a wood carving.
  • Just as for the Polynesian trend in general, it is important that every detail of the pattern be symmetrical.
  • Has carefully worked out details.
  • Wicker, waves, spirals, crosses, knots, and a variety of geometric elements are often found in the pattern in large numbers.
  • In addition to geometric figures, the Polynesian style includes marine and plant themes, such as ferns, sharks, turtles, and owls.
  • There is often inking tattoos of the moon and sun.
  • Black-and-white tattoos are the most common, while colored ones are quite rare.
  • Various types of techniques can be used.
  • Often there is a stylization of patterns under ethnic motifs, including Indian, Polynesian, and Celtic.
  • Tattoos can be small and simple or large and complex, depending on your preferences.
  • And they can be used to decorate any part of the body – from the arms to the legs to the back or shoulders.
  • A variety of patterns make up groups that are cyclical in repetition.

Types of Ornaments Tattoo

Polynesia – ornamental tattoos of the Polynesian style. The ornaments of the aborigines of the Polynesian islands – Maori, Hawaiian, Samoa, Tahiti, Tiki.Mayan art consists of geometric shapes, stylized images of sea creatures, the sun, and masks of different spirits.

Celtic – ornamental tattoos featuring Celtic ornaments, knots, and other symbols.

Haida – totemic images of animals and deities of the Haida tribes.

Mesoamerica (Maya, Aztecs, etc.) – ornamental tattoos based on the traditions and mythology of ancient Mesoamerican cultures. These tattoos typically feature images of gods, animals, or other ornate geometric patterns.

Scandinavian ornaments – at one time they were not just decorations, but symbolized a person’s involvement in a particular guild – warrior, craftsman, merchant, etc. A large part of the tattoo ornaments to this day is based on Norse mythology – in many of the patterns you can easily guess Thor’s hammer and other symbols. The lines of the ornaments are characterized by smoothness and roundness.

Borneo – the tattoos of the aborigines of the island of Borneo (Indonesia, Malaysia). For people living in Borneo, tattoos act as a talisman and also show the individual’s life journey.

Slavic ornaments – the style is characterized by patterns of triangles, rhombuses, squares, crosses, wavy lines and dots. Slavs believed in the power of images, so all Slavic tattoos are amulets.

How to Combine Ornaments with Other Tattoo Styles?

A common version of ornamentation in tattooing is its combination with other tattoo styles and the active use of tattooing techniques to create ornaments. In particular, ornamental is perfectly combined with the following tattoo styles:

Popular Ornamental Tattoo Artists

Popular Ornamental Tattoo Designs

The best sketches and ideas on how to decorate your body with the ornament tattoo.

Ornamental Tattoo Meaning

Different ornaments can mean different things, depending on the culture. For example:

  • Celtic knots are often associated with luck, strength, and unity, while tribal patterns can represent spirituality and nature.
  • Twists and turns are the labyrinths of life, the winding path.
  • Plant motifs represent the power of nature and the ability of plants to heal.
  • What do lines mean? Lines have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. Inclined lines often represent sunlight, while crossed lines may represent harmony or abundance. Undulating lines might indicate a connection between worlds or the flow of time.

Moreover, in the cyclicity and repetition of patterns and their fragments we can trace a different symbolism. It is likely that the cyclical nature of life and the world around us can be portrayed in this way. Some symbols have a trinity, which as if mirrors the world, reflects the laws of equilibrium.

Patterns are also often combined with flowers, such as the lotus. This flower has a popular symbolism and often symbolizes exactly the cyclicity of life, the divine beginning, and longevity. Mandalas of all kinds symbolize harmony. The sun is a symbol of goodness, and light, giving the beginning of life, that is, this image will definitely have a joyful, positive connotation.

Final Words

You’re sure to find the perfect ornamental tattoo that will express your individual style and personality. Let the magic of ornamental tattoos transform you!