Best Tattoo Inks

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Apart your tattoo machine should not traumatize the client’s skin too much, the tattoo ink you choose will end up under your client’s skin. So they need to not only create a bright and saturated picture but also have a quality compound, not cause allergies, and be durable. The variety of choices on the market makes you think when choosing the best tattoo ink. In order not to deal with the composition for a long time and not to look for a saturated shade on your own experience, we suggest you read this ranking that concentrates all our experience to save you time.

Remember, safety is of utmost importance when choosing a tattoo ink. You should always ensure that the ink is sterile and that the manufacturer has a good reputation for safety. Some people might also be allergic to certain types of ink, so a patch test might be necessary.

World Famous – Best Brand

Buying quality tattoo ink is the key to a long-lasting tattoo design and World Famous Tattoo Ink is one of the leading ink brands in the world of tattooing. It offers a comprehensive line of high-quality inks that have helped to create breathtaking tattoos for several years now. The key reasons that make it one of the best include its extensive color range, high pigment concentration, sterilization process, and eco-friendly nature.

World Famous Tattoo Ink.

The brand’s vast color palette caters to every tattoo artist’s needs, from classic shades to vibrant and exotic hues. This ensures artists can fully bring their designs to life without any restrictions.

  • Vibrant Colors: The colors are very vibrant and bold, making them perfect for tattoos that need to stand out.
  • Wide Variety: The color variety includes options like pastel colors, traditional hues, and even glow-in-the-dark inks, accommodating every artist’s unique style and requirement.

The inks are renowned for their high pigment concentration. This high level of pigmentation ensures that the tattoos are vibrant and long-lasting. The inks are gamma-ray sterilized, killing any bacteria or harmful substances that might be present.

The brand also follows strict safety regulations, including the use of tamper-proof seals on each bottle, ensuring the ink hasn’t been compromised before use. No animal products are used in the inks, and no animal testing is carried out, making them suitable for artists and clients who prefer vegan-friendly products.

In conclusion, World Famous Tattoo Ink Brand is among the top choices for professional tattoo artists around the world. Its continued endorsement by renowned artists and a commitment to consistent quality make it a reliable and versatile brand in the tattoo industry.

The founder of World Famous, Lou Rubino jr, brings his decades of tattooing expertise to this world-famous brand. He’s infused his brand with a deep understanding of what artists need, as well as inspiration from the rich history of the art itself.

Intenze Tattoo Ink – Long-Lasting and Vegan

This brand has carved a niche for itself in the world of tattoo artistry due to its rich and varied palette. Artists frequently laud Intenze for its consistent pigmentation, providing a saturated color payoff that remains vibrant even after healing. The inks are known for their smooth application and blending capabilities.

Intenze Tattoo Ink – Long-Lasting and Vegan.

As a vegan-friendly brand, Intenze ensures that no animal products or byproducts are used in their inks, which is an additional advantage for many artists and clients. Actually, Intenze has taken the lead in the tattoo industry as the first ink manufacturer to publicly disclose the ingredients of each of its products. This transparency provides both customers and tattoo artists with a clear understanding of what exactly constitutes Intenze ink.

  • Shelf life from the date of opening is 12 months.
  • The bottles are plastic with convenient caps.
  • Bottles vary in volume, from 1/2 to 4 ounces.

In a strategic partnership with an independent laboratory staffed by proficient biochemists, Intenze ensures the regular testing and sterilization of their tattoo ink. The company is committed to technological progress, frequently updating its equipment and techniques to ensure optimal hygiene standards and to keep pace with advancements in the industry.

Every bottle of Intenze ink is sterilized before it is dispatched to the retail outlets. The company continually strives to improve its operational efficiency, aiming to elevate its work standards, particularly regarding its tattoo ink.

The company offers a wide range of tattoo inks, boasting over 250 different colors. They offer individual ink colors as well as specialized sets, including a portrait series, pastel series, and color portrait series. This allows tattoo artists to pick the exact colors they need for their work. Besides sets of colored inks (by the way, very rich and bright colors), some of the popular products of this brand are black tattoo inks – True Black and Intenze Professional Tattoo Ink Zuper Black.

Eternal Ink – Best Color

Eternal Tattoo Supply is a brand that’s been in the tattoo industry for several decades. They offer a broad range of tattoo inks known for their quality, versatility, and vibrant colors. The brand has established a strong reputation and is widely used by professional tattoo artists globally.

Eternal tattoo inks sets.

Eternal Tattoo Inks produces an extensive variety of inks ranging from individual colors to comprehensive color sets. The inks are made with organic pigments, deionized water, and a mixture of witch hazel, glycerin, and a few other ingredients to achieve a smooth consistency. This makes the inks easy to work with, enabling tattoo artists to create intricate and detailed designs.

Eternal inks are also known for their high pigment load, which means the colors are intense and enduring. However, the exact composition varies from color to color due to the different pigments required to create each unique shade.

The best set for you depends on your specific needs as a tattoo artist. However, some of the most popular sets include the Eternal Tattoo Ink – 25 Color Set, which offers a broad palette, and the OrthoDoc’s Eternal Ink Sets, which are perfect for achieving realistic and subdued hues. These inks are best for colored tattoos, if you are working with gray wash and in black and white, then black ink is better to choose from another brand.


Having tried a multitude of different tattoo inks over the years, including popular tattoo inks like fusion ink, silverback ink, and allegory ink, I’ve come to value Dynamic Black highly. This ink is vibrant, with a diverse range of radiant colors that outshine many other ink options available. The high-quality tattoo ink’s molecular composition provides a higher pigment load, which ensures stunningly bright and pure blacks and whites. Black ink runs out faster so go for the large volume.

Dynamic high-quality tattoo ink.

This has made Dynamic is renowned primarily for its best black ink, which is frequently employed for filling large areas with solid black or for detailed lining work. Artists often praise the brand for the deep intensity and richness of its black ink, which resists fading and remains bold over time. Moreover, Dynamic Ink tends to be more fluid than some other brands, which can make it easier to work with, particularly for shading or lining.

When it comes to choosing tattoo ink, it’s essential to consider the brand’s reputation. Dynamic Tattoo Ink first made its appearance on the market in 2011 and quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and performance. Over the years, Dynamic Tattoo Ink has become one of the most popular brands on the market, earning a reputation as a trusted ink that consistently delivers exceptional results.

The company holds its own against brands that are known for high-quality tattoo inks, like Kuro Sumi and Intenze, while being budget-friendly. In fact, in the black and gray department, I would go so far as to say that this brand rivals even the renowned tattoo-favored inks.

Kuro Sumi

Named after a famous Japanese artist, Kuro Sumi excels in providing bright, durable colors. The brand’s outlining and shading inks are particularly praised for their smooth application and resilience. The color range isn’t as broad as some other brands, but the shades available are distinct and potent. It is a Japanese manufacturer, which makes it reasonable that the variations of colors and shades are suitable for the Japanese tattooing style.

Kuro Sumi.

Many artists appreciate the organic composition of Kuro Sumi inks, which contributes to their reputation for safety and quality. The tattoo ink is vibrant and long-lasting, ensuring that your artwork remains bold and eye-catching for years to come.

Kuro Sumi is particularly known for its black and gray inks, which are rich and deep in color. Whether you’re looking for dark shading or intricate details, these inks deliver impressive results. Their inks don’t just look good on the surface but also penetrate the skin effectively, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.

Millenium Mom’s

Millennium Mom’s Inks, known for their Black Onyx, an ink that could very well be considered the epitome of dark packing, stands out among the numerous tattoo brands available on our web store.

Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink Set.

Mom’s Black Onyx has made its name in the tattooing world for its rich, deep black, a hue truly inspired by the rich history of tattoo artistry. The tattoo ink doesn’t fall short on quality either; it boasts a unique molecular composition that provides unprecedented vibrancy and durability, a feature admired by artists around the globe. However, its main advantage is its affordable price.

Millennium Mom’s range is not just limited to their signature Black Onyx. Their massive selection of bright colors to choose from and the grey wash series, cater to all the artistic needs of both novices and professionals. Indeed, whether you’re a professional or you’re just starting, you’re bound to find an ink that complements your style and brings your tattooing expertise to the world.

Tattoo literacy

Choosing tattoo ink is one of the most crucial steps in the tattooing process. Not only does it contribute to the visual impact of the final design, but it also has significant implications for your client’s health and safety. The composition of the ink can have an impact on things like color vibrancy, healing times, and potential allergic reactions. As an experienced tattoo artist, I can share a few pointers that might help you in this important decision.

  1. Consider Your Client’s Skin

    It’s important to take the client’s skin into consideration. Some inks work better on different skin types. For instance, for darker skin tones, brighter and more vibrant colors may not show up as well. On the other hand, pastel colors can look great on lighter skin. Researching and understanding how ink interacts with different skin types can help guide your decision.

  2. Know the Composition of the Ink

    Understanding what’s in your ink is paramount. Inks are composed of pigments and carriers. Pigments give the ink its color and can be made from a variety of substances. Traditional inks used heavy metals to create pigments, but nowadays, many inks use plant-based or organic pigments.

    Carriers are the liquid that carries the pigment from the needle to the skin. They can be made of water, ethanol, glycerin, or other substances. Some people may have allergic reactions to specific carriers, so always check with your client if they have any known allergies.

  3. Choose Vegan-Friendly Inks If Required

    Some tattoo inks use animal products in their composition. For instance, some black inks are made using charred animal bones. If your client is vegan or prefers vegan products, there are vegan-friendly inks available in the market that do not use any animal products in their composition.

    Carriers are the liquid that carries the pigment from the needle to the skin. They can be made of water, ethanol, glycerin, or other substances. Some people may have allergic reactions to specific carriers, so always check with your client if they have any known allergies.

  4. Opt for Quality Brands

    Quality matters a lot in tattoo inks. Poor quality inks can lead to faded tattoos, longer healing times, and even infections. Make sure to go for trusted, high-quality brands. These might cost a bit more, but the results are worth it.

  5. Check for Safety Certifications

    Inks that have been tested and certified as safe are always a good choice. Check if the ink brand has passed safety certifications like the ResAP(2008)1 and is compliant with the EU’s stringent safety regulations.

  6. Consider the Longevity and Fade Rate

    Different inks have different fade rates. While all tattoos fade over time, some inks are known to hold their color better than others. Research and find out which inks have the best longevity.

  7. Allergies and Skin Sensitivities

    Always make sure to check with your client if they have any known allergies or skin sensitivities. This can help avoid potential complications. Doing a patch test with the chosen ink is a safe practice to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

    Remember, as a tattoo artist, you are not just creating a piece of art, but you are also responsible for the client’s safety. So, make sure you take the time to choose the right ink for each job. It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s part of what makes you a professional in your craft.


Determining what is the “best” tattoo ink brands can be subjective and depends on a variety of factors like the artist’s preference, the type of work being done, color longevity, and ink safety. But by choosing one of the best tattoo ink sets from this list, you can’t go wrong.